Romantic, sophisticated, a Hollywood legend,


exudes a uniqueness

that will continue to shine for years to come…

For some sailors the opportunity to restore a sailboat, even one that had sunk, would be thought of as a "rookie move". Why then would long-time sailors Paul and Christine Kaplan, people who have been boaters their entire life, take on such a project?

To them the answer was simple; for the love of sailing and the unique nature of a wooden boat. The boat also happened to be named, "Santana", with an unparalleled history of being a "real yacht for real sailors."

Fully restored, Santana celebrates her 78th year in better than new condition. She sails with the classic grace and beauty her designer envisioned, as a schooner; however her 21st century aesthetic artfully encapsulated in her restoration will delight and amaze.

Enjoy your cruise through the colorful history of Santana.

Santana 1936