1944-1945 Richard Powell & June Allyson Details for the baubles of the rich and famous...

Much the same as Milland, Dick Powell owned the boat for a very short period of time, lending further credibility to the stories regarding movie studios using Santana for publicity purposes. The most notable improvement to Santana for which Powell was responsible came at the request of his wife, June Allyson.

The story is that Ms. Allyson required a hiding place to store her jewelry while aboard the boat. She requested a special compartment be built where she could hide her "baubles" and one was built in the owner's stateroom. The drawers in Santana became swollen as a result of the sinking and it wasn’t until the boat had thoroughly dried that it was possible to remove the drawer. Once removed, it was found to contain a leather money clip. It is not known to whom this belonged, but with the long list of celebrity owners, it is easy to let one’s imagination wonder.

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Richard Powell and June Allyson photos